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Improving The health and quality of lives around the world through iNnovation 

The proprietary formula that makes up MI-P6 BodyGuard contains all-natural ingredients that work synergistically to maximize the product’s health benefits.   Together, these compounds make up a true functional health beverage experience with  scientifically  proven  benefits.    

  • Blocks unstable and neutralizes highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) which can damage your DNA

  • Blocks the interaction of toxic carcinogens

  • Enhances immune cell function by boosting your own Natural Defense Mechanisms

  • Cellular and DNA health/function 

  •  Blocks Heavy metals:  Lead, mercury, cadmium, copper 

  •  ​Free-radical scavengers

​​Don’t start your day without a real BodyGuard!  Protect and defend yourself with your own, all-natural MI-P6 BodyGuard. 

Take the beverage with you to ensure that you can experience its health benefits on-the-go,  wherever life takes you!  

​We are a revolutionary company in  both life sciences and consumer health/wellness.  Hygia Pharmaceuticals is inventing and developing the future of personalized prevention and early-interception patient liquid therapeutics to match liquid biopsies. We also recognize today's sophisticated, informed health-conscious consumers are not passive anymore about their health.  They expect more from their health products, and are constantly searching to find their own ways to better health, and we agree.  With our clinically tested natural products, we have recently introduced the world's first risk reduction functional health beverage, backed with scientific rigor, that addresses major health threats we are facing due to environmental exposures and air pollution.   

For several decades, scientists like us, and all over the world, have been searching for clues and answers about the deleterious effects that environmental exposures are having on the body's cellular health/functions as well as the internal mechanisms involved with DNA synthesis and repair.  We now know these exposures can inappropriately turn genes either on or off,  leading to many human diseases. Hygia is leading the science.  The world can access our new product as a means to protect, defend, and stave-off some of the most dangerous environmental toxins everyday life throws at us.  

Yes! For the first time ever, there is a convenient, affordable, and great-tasting beverage that offers real health benefits.  Proven protection against the harmful effects of air pollution, and other the environmental exposures-NATURALLY, unlike any other beverage currently on the market. BodyGuard is your best defense against this highly toxic and carcinogenic planet.