About Hygia Pharmaceuticals

 We are innovators of personal health promotion and disease prevention so people can live healthier and longer lives. We specialize in the development of both pharmaceuticals for patients  and unique-proprietary health products for consumers.  Our wellness products are developed from years of scientific research with natural products and how lifestyle factors (such as: air pollution, car exhaust, cigarette smoke, alcohol, sun light, medical radiation, toxic chemicals) can initiate and cause many human diseases.  Because most of these are unavoidable and ubiquitous in our daily life, we have developed  BodyGuard as a targeted proven nutritional solution for the maintenance of health and protection against these environmental insults. For Hygia, such nutritional or functional beverage solutions must have strong scientific underpinning, pre-clinical and clinical proof all of which are important objectives before we market.  ​Look for other exciting new products from Hygia in the near future.  

Hygia’s Mission Statement-Providing innovative, risk reductive, and preventive products. Our research reflects a dedication to supporting people's health throughout their lives, not just when illness strikes.

Corporate Responsibility- As entrants into today’s rapidly changing global health marketplace, we are developing a novel pipeline line of products, designed to meet the needs of many people across the world. The word Hygia means “health” in Greek, and as such, represents our goal of global health.  We conduct responsible business practices and will uphold the highest ethical standards in everything from research and development to the sales and marketing of our products.