A large amount of independent scientific data has shown that the active and natural plant ingredients in BodyGuard possess both carcinogen and air pollution blocking abilities and so much more.  

Scientifically proven nutritional protection against:

1.) Air pollution

2.) Cigarette smoke

3.) UVA/UVB radiation from the sun & other forms of radiation 

4.) Toxic carcinogens(i.e. car exhaust), heavy metals

5.) Smog particulates

Scientifically Proven Safety

MI-P6 BodyGuard’s active ingredients are derived solely from nature and also naturally produced in every living cell of your body.  We just can't get make enough of these natural compounds in our body or get enough of them from fruits, vegetables, and high fiber diets. This is why we invented MI-P6 Body Guard!  Naturally, they also have an  excellent  safety profile in humans and are regarded as safe by the FDA. These natural plant compounds have no known adverse side effects.  

Scientifically PROVEN Health Benefits of MI-P6 BodyGuard