Hygia Pharmaceuticals, LLC forms sister company Hygia Life, LLC for consumer health and wellness products. 


Hygia Pharmaceuticals hires beverage distributor in NYC.


Hygia Pharmaceuticals, LLC hires sales team in NYC.


Hygia Pharmaceutical's CEO participates in Fox Chase Cancer Moonshot Summit.  Company research makes it to The Presidents's Blue Ribbon Cancer Panel. 

05-26-2016 ‎

MIP6BodyGuard-It's for Life! is being enjoyed today all over the set for Red Nose Day event! Join us, NBC, and many celebs. Make your nose red today for fun!  


Hygia will be sending cases of the water to help out the people in Flint Michigan.  Only patented water to  naturally block metals like lead.  Hygia's products are found in nature, backed by science. 


It's official!  On January 14, 2016,  Hygia Pharmaceuticals, LLC will be manufacturing  a new supply of the amazing MI-P6 Body Guard! 

Hygia Pharmaceuticals, LLC expands intellectual property globally.


Hygia Pharmceuticals, LLC begins with a  local South Florida roll out of the amazing MI-P6 Body Guard!


Hygia Pharmaceuticals, LLC files new applications for a new product line.

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