As adventurous, active and productive people, we are constantly bombarded and exposed to many types of dangerous molecules in daily life.  From the food we eat, to the water we drink, the chemicals we take in through the skin and mouth, and most importantly, the polluted air we breathe. In fact, the average adult inhales 3,000 gallons of polluted air each day. Studies show air pollution compromises and alters immune functions.  Add a poor diet, stress, and fatigue into the mix and it is no wonder our defense systems are overwhelmed  from these daily environmental insults. As researchers, we know this is a recipe for poor health.  So we sought a novel, but convenient way to help people stay healthy and protect themselves from daily environmental insults.  Our story first began by asking ourselves: "can we invent something that will allow consumers to reap the benefits of  natural products with scientifically proven  efficacy?"  We then asked, " can we offer them to people in an affordable, safe, and convenient package?"  Most importantly, we pledged to make a beverage that contains all-natural products with proven efficacy based on sound scientific studies, unlike any other beverage sold on the market today.  No hype!  

                                                                                                     What did we come up with?
First, we took our existing scientific knowledge accumulated over decades of study about a family of natural molecules with the amazing ability to attack, interfere, and shut down rogue mechanisms that get activated by environmental insults which harm your cells and DNA, especially as you age. We then came up with a novel, proprietary scientific formulation for these natural products, and others,making them into an all-natural, great-tasting, refreshing beverage.    

That is the brief story of how we developed MI-P6 BodyGuard, a truly unique functional-health beverage.  By drinking  BodyGuard, you can now reap the benefits of our decades of research and of these amazing all-natural compounds to help you maintain health & wellness against environmental  health hazards for which we have no control over until Body Guard.  Science has shown just how effective and safe these natural products are, and  studies indicate they function much better in our stable formulation.

We, at Hygia Pharmaceuticals, have created this healthy, one-of-a kind beverage for you and for the world.  We want you to make MI-P6 BodyGuard part of your daily or twice daily health and fitness routine.  For better health and wellness, protection, hydration, energy, and lifestyle.   
MI-P6 BodyGuard becauseIt’s for life! 

Our Story