​​Air Pollution's impact on cancer is grossly underestimated and that is an understatement


Hygia Pharmaceuticals's research and science is based on health and the environment we live in.  We have brought air pollution to the forefront of global health and have addressed its health effects for the first time in human history.  We now know that a majority of the different types of cancer being diagnosed are caused by environmental and chemical exposures.  Only about 5-10% of cancers are due to genetic predisposing factors.  Below are several articles about air pollution and the health effects. We invented BodyGuard for you first because we have a large amount of scientific data proving that  every ingredient has activity against air pollution and other major environmental exposures. We are now working on cancer prevention & early intervention  patient therapeutics. However, we will also continue to develop other beverages as your personalized health tools, backed by science.

The Science Behind Hygia Pharmaceuticals

​​​​​​​ Air pollution can mess with our DNA.  New evidence shows breathing car exhaust fumes inappropriately switches genes on and off.   https://student.societyforscience.org/article/air-pollution-can-mess-our-dna

  Air pollution, Benzopyrenes(PAH's), cigarette smoke, UV  rays, medical radiation,  ozone,    heavy metals, nitrogen  oxides are potent oxidants that form highly reactive oxygen species (free   radicals).  The free radicals generated from these exposures, cause oxidative stress which then triggers redox sensitive pathways, resulting in chronic inflammation, cell death, and  DNA adducts.  As a result, your DNA repair mechanisms are stifled or interrupted, leading to  double-strand breaks or broken DNA (below). Broken DNA ultimately leads to the genetic mutations leading to cancer.

Other scientists  in the article below, have also determined that these environmental toxic pollutants  trigger cell death that produces  human diseases: "Cancer, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, lung disease, and not surprisingly-Alzheimer’s disease". ​

"The air we breathe has become polluted with  a mixture of cancer causing substances", Dr Kurt Straif- International Agency For Research On Cancer (IARC), 2014. 

 Let us be clear: The most important thing we can do is reduce air pollution, sun exposure, and avoid toxic carcinogens.  However, it's impossible to simply remove air pollution, sun exposure, and  chemical exposures instantaneously from our lives.  Just two hours of exposure to car exhaust or smoke stack fume can result in fundamental changes to parts of a person’s DNA.   We want consumers to know that  we have a product that is a readily accessible way to moderate the impact- because DNA changes happen so quickly.  We  found a way to  mitigate, prevent, and reverse the impacts of these environmental exposures through natural products.  No side effects, no pills. A liquid, bioavailable, great tasting beverage.  On demand protection, MI-P6 Body Guard-Its for Life!

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is a leading cause of cancer, (2013).  ​