"I just tried MI-P6 Body Guard for the first time today and can honestly say I feel more energy just after one bottle. I felt like I was finally drinking something healthy- and refreshing! I really enjoyed drinking it and I can't wait to try other flavors!"- Jelena S.

"Hello-I just want to write a review for this product, and let you know how delicious and nutritious I have found MI-P6 BodyGuard to be.  I would highly recommend it to anyone searching for a refreshing, tasty, and healthy drink, especially after a hard sports workout"-Kevin C.

"I absolutely love The BodyGuard product, I operate three convenience stores in the Palm Beaches and would sell the product in a heartbeat. I'm a pretty Common Sense guy and if I like it I really do believe my customers will love it....thanks for bringing this product to market"-Kevin Dalton, The Dalton Companies.

"So I was going to wait 24 hours to give my performance review of Body Guard, but I have to tell you I thought I was imagining it at first but it's been 3 hours since I drank my first MI-P6 Body Guard. I have been sick with a severe cold for 10 days now and no voice for the last 5, if I tell you how much I have done since I got home, when all I wanted to do is go right to bed when I left work, you would be amazed. I actually feel energized and less like a person whose been sick for days"-Melissa S.

"I liked the taste, good choice of flavors. I'm excited to see other flavors. I drank it before my two hour class in the morning and helped me focus and class and wake me up. I felt more energized than normal since I'm not a morning person at all"-Nickolas B.

"Loved it so much, I shared it with my friends. Just ordered my second case"-Melissa S.

"Very refreshing and not too sweet.  Only 5g of carbs as compared to 20 times that in many other drinks.  Plus it's actually doing something for me that no other water can". -Keith D.

"Tried this all natural health drink called MI-P6 Body Guard and I absolutely love it! It's a blueberry pom acai flavored water fortified with all natural plant based products. Non GMO, Vegan and Gluten Free!"-Shelly D.

"I have to say, this stuff is pretty good!! Thank you! I will definitely be buying more!!"-Wendy B.

" I am writing this testimonial about MI-P6 BodyGuard. I suffer from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and have for the past 15 years, I am taking a biologic once a week for the reduction of inflammation and the other side affects of this illness. I found Body Guard and have been drinking it at least 2 to 3 times a day. I cant begin to tell you that this drink has made a huge impact in my daily living in as far as the amount of energy and overall feeling of super strength that I find to be amazing with Body Guard. I have slowly decreased my need for the biologic and other over the counter NSAIDS"-Carol A.

"I have been drinking MI-P6 BodyGuard for several weeks.  I really enjoy the flavor, energy, and proven assurance that it's protecting me from radicals and pollutants.  This is an amazing water! I highly recommend this healthy drink to everyone"-Peggy C.

"Great, refreshing taste, protection in a bottle, and a little skip in my step".- Stephen B.

"I enjoyed MI-P6 BodyGuard drinks.  They seem refreshing. Thanks". -Dave O.